Performance A/V

Dr.Kontra, combines elements of video, audio and performance has been characterized by the interest of human conduct their fears and instincts, distorting reality, immediately disrupt the sign of all that society takes for positive (comfort, success, money, consumption, power, order, etc.) intervening pupil and heard, which in reality is above below and opossite K +.

A/V pacing therapy. Metaphysical activating. And more p Metaphysical activating

Wall of Darkness is a term in astronomy used to define “deep space”, and is also a piece of mathematical fiction by Arthur C. Clarke, where geometric symbolism and singularity are described and interact In impossible universes. David Kontra and Ricardo Dorantes present an audiovisual action based on the sound representation of astrophysics and geometry fiction, dissected and interpreted in live images and videos of aerospace photography, spectrographs, motors, laser guides, robots and space optics.

Audiovisual composition composed of sound strings, rhythmic bases in video – explosions, and synthesis of analog video synchronized with Butoh dance. It is musically based on the original scores of Krzysztof Penderecki where a solemn and catastrophic printing occurs, achieving a lament.

Live act where manipulation of the image, hipertonalidad, body expression of Butoh dance, distortion and real-time glich come together to state that the sacrifice of Hiroshima never forget.

Live act with the use of 3 VCRs (VHS)
Images and audio created in analog format, executed in real time
Through direct shear, using the visual noise generated by the VHS format for wear and tear of the film, theme of the piece:try pharmaceutical and narcoterrorism Tower of Babel, the human body life and death, consumer society, psycho-physical,

Image 01


Lenguas de fuego

INTENTO Berlin 2010

Lo que no mata, te purifica                                                         What does not kill, purifies you